Afternoon Links

by Stag

-Andrew Kirell on how there’s no such thing as objective journalism

-Radley Balko continues to remind us all that the media is not left, but statist. (No matter how God damn sycophantic they seem during events like the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner when Obama is preident, that is.)

-Weed wars might be coming if any states legalize tomorrow (much more interesting question than who will be president, in my humble opinion).

-What is more obnoxious, the fact that the GOP would bother to mention public television funding when they have no interest in cutting defense spending, or the fact that the left bothered to have a “Million Muppet March” while the anti-war movement is basically dead? On the other hand, the costumes are sweet.

-The new (as of summer) Defiance, Ohio EP is excellent